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Global Healing Practices is taking healing approaches that work from a global indigenous aspect (all over the world). There is not only one singular way of approach care and treatment but a wide range of global approaches and successes. In a therapeutic care environment it is important to grow an understanding: Moral Injury (“the situation” - its’ effects and affects) which leads us to the chemical and neurological impact of crisis, trauma, addictions, mental health…in which the healing process can begin and a combination of Traditional and Mainstream therapies would benefit and enhance the healing journey.

“I never began to heal from residential school trauma until I saw a presentation by Cam A. He explained how and why I was taken…and I never understood why they would do that do me but now I do and I can heal.” – elder in sioux lookout remains anonymous

“My vibe affects my Tribe and my Tribe affects my vibe” – R.B.


Managed Care Resource Corp. – Global Healing Practices Partner has welcomed Tribal Theory Framework by Barb Allynn:

  1. A) Trauma Therapist & Published Author
  2. B) Professor at Confederation College:Intergenerational Examination of Indigenous Health and Wellbeing: “In this course, students will define and discuss concepts of assimilation and the displacement of Indigenous people in Canada. Making connections to racist legislation that has informed historical and intergenerational trauma. Continued with exploring “being displaced” rather than being disordered using the Tribal Theory Framework. Finally, student will gain an indigenous perspective around holistic health and wellbeing along with the importance of cultural continuity.” – As define by the college in the course outline.


BARBARA ALLYN - A Certified Trauma Therapist, Crisis-Intervention Professional, And Author With 30 Yrs+ Experience In Active, Front-Line Crisis Response

History Of Tribal Theory - It’s Global Healing Practices

Healing Spirit First
Author: Barbara Allyn

Barbara has evolved into a thought leader and paradigm shifter through the creation of her ground-breaking framework, tribal theory, and the healing practices of sensory dialogue and symbolics. She is often featured on Canadian television and radio in response to both national and international traumatic and disaster incidents.

As a highly respected speaker, presenter, and facilitator, Barbara brings a wealth of experiential learning from her work as a family mediator, adolescent clinical counselor, and classroom behavioral specialist. She has been offering Global healing practices and continuing to advance the unique, effective trauma-response to moral injury framework that is Tribal Theory.

Tribal Theory Practices are consistently described by front-line responders, counselors, and global communities as culturally safe, practical, and easy to apply, creating a powerful path to integration, healing, and well-being.


Adolescent Clinical Counselor & Certified Trauma Therapist

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Workshop Content

Moral injury
Moral injury in the context of holistic trauma response, “moral injury” refers to the impact of participating, witnessing, and being victimized by actions and behaviors which violate a person’s moral core values, beliefs, and behavioral expectations of others.

Sensory Dialogue
Learn how to use Sensory Dialogue for witnessing trauma and developing sensory awareness in your healing practice.

Symbolics + Timeless Travel
Learn to use symbolics to tell the story, clear emotional wounds at a cellular level, and recognize the overlapping fragmented stories written in Timeless Travel unique to the trauma response.

Neuroscience & Body Remembers
A better understanding of the neural and cellular response to trauma and global healing practices outside the western lens.

The Brain, Body, and Spirit of Addictions
Addictions are coping strategies to try to find the meaning to survive. Learn how to recognize the authentic self and the struggle to be found. It is not what is wrong with you; it is what happened to you.

The misguided expectation of resilience
How and why moral injury (trauma) cannot be addressed through a resiliency framework or cognitive behavior approach. Learn to use the 4 pillars of Moral Injury: Spiritual, Cultural, Physical, and Philosophical, to witness the trauma and begin healing.

Intergenerational Trauma
Learn how to witness cellular intergenerational moral injury (trauma), move towards healing, and thrive using Tribal Theory Global as the framework.